Subhabrata Choudhury

Subhabrata Choudhury

PhD, Engineering Science

Visual Geometry Group

University of Oxford

United Kingdom

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University of Oxford

University of Oxford

PhD, Engineering Science

Advisor: Andrea Vedaldi

United Kingdom, 2019-2024

Max-Planck Institute for Informatics

Max-Planck Institute for Informatics

MSc Thesis

Advisor: Bernt Schiele

Germany, 2018-2019

Saarland University

Saarland University

MSc, Computer Science

Germany, 2017-2019

IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur

BTech (Hons), Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

India, 2009-2013

Meta Reality Labs Research

Meta Reality Labs Research Surreal

Research Scientist Intern

Host: Chris Sweeney

USA, 2022


The Curious Layperson: Fine-Grained Image Recognition without Expert Labels

IJCV 2023 | BMVC 2021 (Oral) [ Best Student Paper Award ]
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Proposes a new problem of fine-grained image classification without expert annotations, by utilizing class agnostic non-expert descriptions and off-the-shelf expert corpus

Unsupervised Multi-Object Segmentation by Predicting Probable Motion Patterns

NeurIPS 2022
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We learn to segment independent objects in still images by predicting regions that contain motion patterns likely to arise from such objects.

Guess What Moves: Unsupervised Video and Image Segmentation by Anticipating Motion

BMVC 2022 (Spotlight)
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We use motion anticipation as a learning signal to train an image segmentation network to predict regions that likely contain similar optical flow patterns

Unsupervised Part Discovery from Contrastive Reconstruction

NeurIPS 2021
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Unsupervised discovery of semantically meaningful parts of objects using appearance consistency cues and contrastive learning

Semantic Projection Network for Zero- and Few-Label Semantic Segmentation

Yongqin Xian*, Subhabrata Choudhury*, Yang He, Bernt Schiele, Zeynep Akata
CVPR 2019
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Extenstion of zero-shot learning to segmentation: perform dense labelling of 'unseen' test classes by training on mutually exclusive 'seen' training classes with additional help from side information